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Yamaha Motorcycles Assessment

By Posted on 102

The development of Yamaha motorcycles is one that took place quite by accident. In 1953 the company was already developing a variety of other products. They were looking for a use for idle pieces of equipment that had once been used to make propellers for airplanes. The ideas for this equipment included sewing machines, auto parts, scooters, all terrain vehicles, and motorcycles. The decision was made to focus on manufacturing motorcycles because of the market demand for them.

The first Yamaha motorcycle was introduced in August of 1954, called the Yamaha YA-1. This bike featured a two stroke single cylinder engine. By July of 1955 Yamaha was creating 200 quality motorcycles each month with a staff of 274 people. The YD-1 was introduced in 1957 as a racing bike. The bike quickly became popular and was featured in the United States Catalina Grand Prix in 1958.

This gave Yamaha the invitation to start selling its motorcycles in the United States with a private dealer in California. To further attract sales in the United States, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA was established in 1977. In 1959 Yamaha introduced the idea of offering a converter kit to consumers. This allowed the motorcycle to be used for both street riding and motocross racing.

By 1960 Yamaha was producing 135,000 bikes per year. 1965 saw the advancement of no longer having to mix oil with gas due to the automatic oiling system. By 1973 Yamaha was selling more than 1 million motorcycles each year worldwide.

During the 1970’s they began working on developing four stroke models to compete with other manufacturers. The results were faster motorcycles that met emissions regulations and were even more economical than the two stroke models. However, they also realized the potential to continue selling two stroke models to consumers as well. Many other manufacturers focused only on four strokes, so Yamaha was able to meet the needs of that target market.

1974 brought the introduction of the YZ250. This model quickly became the largest selling motocross bike because it featured a single horizontal rear suspension system. Yamaha built a racing track right next to the plant, allowing them to continually observe the quality and capabilities of their products.

Yamaha created one of the fastest racing bike models in 1985 with the introduction of the V-Max. This was classified as a muscle bike, with power that was not for the beginning rider. They continue to produce some of the fastest bikes on the market both for street riding and for racing.

Yamaha has never been satisfied to simply stop when they had a good thing going. They always had a vision of achieving more and to strive to further customer satisfaction. The visions and philosophies of the company have proven to be effective in every aspect of motorcycle production. The fact that they offer so many different models means the consumer has the opportunity to find the exact motorcycle they are looking for from a brand name they know they can trust to offer them a quality product.

While some of their models of motorcycles haven’t sold well, many of them have. Yamaha has always focused on the future of motorcycles while keeping in mind what consumers are wanting. They have been able to diversify their developments, and it has paid off by allowing them to reach a large portion of the motorcycle market without compromising their vision.

Today, Yamaha is the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world behind Harley-Davidson. They continue to make fast, reliable motorcycles that customers around the world are proud to own. They also manufacture motorcycles that have won more races than any other brand on the market. Their diversity and dedication to making quality motorcycles that meet the needs of the consumer have kept them a top seller in this growing industry. Yamaha dealerships can be found around the world, offering a full range of motorcycle models to suit your tastes.


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Yamaha Motorcycle Show Inspires at Home Thrill Seekers

By Posted on 74

The people cringed with fear. The people froze their patoots off. But they stood there slack jawed in awe and desperation for the next heart stopping thrill. They were watching transfixed by the side of the track trying to figure out the order of this improve thrill show. I couldn’t figure it out personally because it seemed to lack any kind of direction. There was a radio guy screaming into the megaphone but I couldn’t make out what he was saying in the blizzard. This is what winter time is like in Michigan. Winters here are intense and I was in for a treat in this unusual afternoon filled with extreme sports and daredevils on ice.

I was there taking digital pictures in the freezing snow trying to figure out what kind of show this was. This was an extreme snow show in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. It was a white out weekend and I was stranded at the Soaring Eagle Resort. Jimmy Blaze and Crew were at hand doing some extreme sports. They had remodeled Yamaha ATV’s and Motorcycles and Kawasaki snowmobiles and were jumping off a huge dirt mound. These guys were flying off that ramp at 60 MPH, and flying at a steady 40 feet in the air. It was kind of nerve racking. The motorcycles were interesting because they had nails coming off the tires to hold traction on the ice track.

Not to be outdone, the racetrack at Walled Lake, Michigan was nonexistent. This town was three hours away but it has been obviously inspired by extreme sports like the Blaze show and broadcasts of WWE’s Raw and Smackdown. The locals were busy stripping off the tires on their motorcycles and putting on homemade tires with makeshift nail traction.

These were do it yourself daredevils looking to make their own history. Creating your own fun like this is inspiring but it is also highly dangerous. Still, I see these guys out on a frozen lake, with no supervision taking their own lives in their own hands. There are accidents galore out there. And I got to tell you that I think it is extremely dangerous to live like that.

What would you do to go out and have the best time ever? I see ambulances down there and cops. Sometimes the good times turn tragic and we have a lot of close calls with safety. Using anything but Yamaha motorcycle parts on your ride is foolish. You should only use Yamaha oem parts. Using original oem parts is important for your Yamaha ATV and will help protect it. You need to think about safety whenever you can. Remember that remodeling your rides may look and sound cool. This can also be a prescription for disaster.

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Yamaha Motorcycle Parts For Your Ride

By Posted on 104

If you love riding your Yamaha bike, you can enjoy the experience even more through great Yamaha motorcycle parts and accessories. Use this article to learn about what parts and accessories can help you meet your biking needs.

1. Safety
The safety of your bike depends on keeping its hardware up-to-date and in proper working order. Sometimes it’s important to upgrade or replace parts of your bike that have become damaged or corroded. Yamaha motorcycle parts play an important part in keeping your Yamaha bike in proper working order. Buying branded parts and hardware accessories is important to maintaining the integrity and longevity of your bike.

2. Fun
Riding your Yamaha bike is sure to be fun, but why not make it more fun by adding Yamaha motorcycle parts and accessories that increase the look, ride or personality of your bike? With parts like kick cranks and stylized shock covers, you have all the more reason to ride and show off your bike. It’s important to enjoy your ride no matter where you go!

3. Maintenance
Just because your motorcycle is running, it’s not necessarily running well. Yamaha motorcycle parts such as improved performance mufflers, engine fans and shocks can be added, upgraded or replaced with brand-name parts to protect the quality and ride of your bike. Keep all the parts on your Yamaha in good working order to keep your entire bike in good working order.

Keep these three uses of Yamaha parts in mind and remember that buying brand name products usually pays off in the end. Take care of the safety and maintenance of your bike and it will provide you with years of fun.

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Buy Yamaha Motorcycle Parts Online – Tagged As the Easiest Way to Shop

By Posted on 97

Online shopping has been part of the lives of many. Some people would rely so much to internet buying that they started to let go of personally doing their shopping on department stores. Indeed, the online world has been a saving grace for many, particularly those people who are not gifted with all the time in the world because of their busy schedule. Now, do you know that the web also pave the way for you to eventually be able to buy Yamaha motorcycle parts online?

Most stores online that cater this kind of product are directly affiliated to Yamaha thus you can expect the price to be available like the manner they are sold on local stores but the main difference is that shopping your product right at the web will free your neck from much trouble of driving from one store to another. On the other hand, there are also times when these products are available at a cost that is lesser compared to local stores. For this reason, many people would choose to buy Yamaha motorcycle parts online.

Furthermore, buying from online stores will give you the guarantee that the products you are getting are originally made by Yamaha. You know for sure how bothersome it is to purchase a certain product then you found out later on that what you were able to acquire isn’t something that can go with the specification of the motorcycle that you have. In this regard, most online sellers especially those extremely big websites would house their own customer representative which will allow each buyer to get the product that they need to prevent useless buys thus preventing the spending of hard earned cash on something useless.

On the other hand, the process to buy Yamaha motorcycle parts online isn’t all about good things because there are times when scammers would flood the internet world so it is also likely that you will spend your cash on a product that you will not be able to get later on. Also, there are times when what you will get are low-quality products although you’ve paid a price that may allow you to get the good kind. Because of this, it is always a must to practice care during your purchase. Never trust any online seller especially if you haven’t read any good reviews from their past customers. This way, you can limit the probability of being scammed.

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Yamaha Motorcycles – Know Why This is a Legend

By Posted on 106

When you think of motorcycles, what is that brand that you will first recall to mind? It is possible for you to know wide range of brands but it is for sure that Yamaha motorcycles is the one that never fails to ring a bell into your head. Why is this so? This could be probably due to the fact that these motorcycles are available with high quality materials, excellent designs, superb performance, friendliest operation tactics, and a lot more.

Through time, Yamaha continually give endless recreation to both young and old. Their product line-up were created in the best manner that the makers know how which is why every person who decided to go for this brand can be rest assured that they are getting the worth of their hard earned cash.

On the other hand, much more than the work of making sure that the motorcycle you have is something that will match your personality. Another important thing to remember is that it is your duty as owner to always ensure the performance of your bike. In this regard, you must never fail to check the condition of its parts. Be reminded at all times that even the slightest defect on the bike can create a big trouble to the whole unit. Therefore, never take for granted any kind of problem that you see with your bike although you can be rest assured that Yamaha motorcycles are available with the most durable parts there is. Nevertheless, in case you would like to buy some new Yamaha parts, worry not because you can always find what you are looking for simply by searching the online world,

As owners as well, it will help if you know the process on how to properly repair your bike. If you know how to do this then you can prevent your cash from being spent on professional fees simply because you’ve hired the work of someone else to resolve the problem of the unit. It is a must that you are aware about the process on how to repair your Yamaha motorcycles. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do the whole thing because if you are really dedicated over the process, you will realize that the whole thing is actually as easy as eating a pie! Never be afraid to ask around for how you will be able to repair your bike on your own.

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Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance

By Posted on 91

Have you always wanted to purchase your own motorcycle? Once you pass the driver’s test and you have a motorcycle license, you can purchase a motorcycle but you must have Yamaha motorcycle insurance before you can drive it. Yamaha motorcycle insurance will be more expensive from your car insurance because motorcycles are seen as a “high risk sport” to many insurance companies. Being a safe driver and limiting the amount of driving you do on the motorcycle will reduce your premiums and allow the insurance coverage to actually become affordable.

The brand of motorcycle you drive will play a large role in the insurance rates. Yamaha motorcycle insurance tends to be on the lower end of the premium amount compared to some of the brands that sell bullet bikes. Your rates will also vary on the type of motorcycle you are driving, a bullet bike and dirt bikes are more expensive from some tradition motorcycles.

Your age will also play a large role in your monthly premium amount. Yamaha motorcycle insurance will charge higher interest rates if you are below 21. Typically males will have higher insurance rates than females. If you have any speeding or traffic violations on your record, your premiums will be much higher. Your driving experience will play a large role in your ability to find affordable insurance for your new Yamaha motorcycle.

Work on negotiating the rate with the Yamaha motorcycle insurance company if you would like to get a fair premium. Once you have a poor driving pattern established (multiple speeding tickets, accidents of any kind, and other traffic violations) the insurance company will see you as an automatic risk and your chances of getting a fair premium are slim.

Car insurance companies will cover damages to the vehicle and for medical needs. Motorcycle insurance companies do the same but their risks are greater due to the fact that every motorcycle accident will end in injuries, many times they can even lead to life-long injuries or even death. This is why they have a strict policy about their insurance premiums and it will take a lot of persuasion on your part to get them to reduce it.

Having a good driving record will help you acquire lower rates. Even if you already have the insurance, you need to go back in a year or two when some of your traffic violations are off your record and negotiate to get lower rates.

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